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A Yankee Spy in Victorian London by Patricia Catacalos (Review by Michelle Stanley for Readers Favorite)  5 Stars

Playing the spy game in the 1860s is not entirely different from modern times as I observed some similarities while reading A Yankee Spy in Victorian London. The historical mystery is suspenseful with a few clever twists that made the story more captivating. This is Patricia Catacalos’ second book in the Victorian Spy Series. Her characters have strong personalities, and Cody possesses a sharp tongue when provoked. The story has a catchy beginning and there are a few scenes that are very touching. The dialogue is not stiff as expected for the period, but sometimes flirtatious and amusing, depending on the occasion. A Yankee Spy in Victorian London, Book 2 from the Victorian Spy Series makes an enjoyable read. Patricia Catacalos' book is recommended.


The Mystery of Her by Patricia Catacalos (Reviewed by Trudi LoPreto for Readers' Favorite)  5 Stars

The Mystery of Her: Zane Brothers Detective Series Book...

I found it impossible to put down The Mystery of Her; it is that good. The Zane brothers are three very different and very likeable detectives, and Kiera was the perfect distraction and assistant. I am extremely anxious for the next Zane Brothers book. Patricia Catacalos tells the story without violence, sex or obscenity, but instead includes light romance, suspense, and excitement in just a plain, good, historical mystery book. I cannot say enough good things about The Mystery of Her, the Zane Brothers, Kiera, and the rest of the characters that made this book so special. Read it; you won’t be disappointed. 

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Excerpts from various reviews:

Love Letters to a Victorian Spy by Patricia Catacalos (Reviewed by Kelly Snyder - Sassy Book Lover Blog)  5 Hearts (Stars)

AMAZING! The blurb does not do this book justice to how amazing the mystery is. I loved how everything intertwined so there is a good amount of romance and mystery. I had my suspicions about who was sending the letters but was not sure until it was revealed because of twists. The identity of Raven was a total surprise that I didn’t see coming and so was Peacock’s because I couldn’t even begin to figure it out. I love the matchmaking going on and the chemistry between them from the start. People that I guessed were involved were not and that makes for a great mystery. It does end on a cliffhanger but in a good way so that the mystery continues, but things are wrapped up in this one too...This is going on my all-time favorites list and I highly recommend if you love a good mystery like I do. 


The Aura of the Crescent Moon by Patricia Catacalos (Reviewed by Lilly Charysma - Lilly's Book World Blog)  5 Stars

This book is a lovely combination between romance and 19th century England, wiht its customs and language, all possible throughout a fantastic writing. It also covers some important themes, such as family, reputation, unconditional love... The author has adapted the writing and the language to the 19th century English and has managed to draw attention to the customs from this period. The importance of reputation and as well the need for young women to marry a rich, titled man are just two of them...All in all, I do believe this was an excellent read. I had so much fun and not a moment of boredom. The characters are complex and well developed and the plot has substance and meaning. 

An Appealing Apparitionby Patricia Catacalos  (Reviewed by Stormi Ellis for Boundless Book Reviews Blog ) 5 Stars

This book was awesome. You don't read many books like this. I'm all about ghost stories, but this book gave a little twist to that. The characters were real and easy to like and the story was gripping. The story of the straight minded Portia and her astral visitor gives this book a spooky feel. This feeling does not frighten but gives the reader a sense of mystery and desperation. Who is this man and why is he reaching out to her? I REALLY enjoyed this book. The characters, the historical setting, the storyline, all of it was simply awesome. It was full of drama and mystery and a great amount of romance. It was everything I love to read in a book.  I can't wait to read the other books in this series. Just based on this book alone I can say that Patricia Catacalos is going to be one of my new favorite author. 

A Yankee Spy in Victorian London - by Patricia Catacalos (Reviewed by Kelly Snyder - Sassy Book Lover Blog) 5 Hearts (5 Stars)


More twists and thrills! You will be sucked in with their instant connection and finding out who the double agent is. I could not predict how anything happened from the widow's reaction to the way everything ended. I giggled at her great uncle's match making and cried in the end. Any time I thought I had figured out who the double agent was another twist would happen to throw me off track. I had no clue at when it was revealed who it was and almost dropped my Kindle. They were meant to be together even though they didn't fully get along at times... 

The Greek Fisherman's Catch - by Patricia Catacalos (Reviewed by Mansha Bathla - Book is Zindagi Blog) 5 Stars

A bold, romantic, historical love story which involves hatred, softness, and passion.

I loved the way every scene has written, appears to be so real. It will nearly force you to be a part of the story and will take you into characters world.

I would highly recommend this to all those readers who love to read a historical romance novel or if not, then try this, it will surely make you fall in love with the characters and the author.

Hypnotic Love - by Patricia Catacalos (Reviewed by Stormi Ellis - Boundless Book Reviews)  5 Stars

When I first looked into books by Patrica this was the first one I came across and am so pleased to be able to review these books. This book was a great addition to this series and I love how it builds onto and joins with the first. Some series don't do this. This story was very pleasing to read. It was full of mystery and romance and was enthralling from the very first page. It had action and intrigue. It was written very well and was full of lovely characters. Elyse is a great beauty and I love her realism and attitude. Charles was a favorite of mine in the first book and this story just helped me like him even more. I have come to love this series and this book was just as great if not better than the first. I hope to be able to read more from an amazing author. She is certainly becoming a favorite of mine.  5 boundless Stars  

Staging Love - by Patricia Catacalos (Reviewed by Stromi Ellis - Boundless Book Reviews) 5 Stars

This book was awesome. I have really come to love Patricia's writing. Each book is captivating and full of mystery and romance. I loved this story. From the very beginning, it had me hooked. I loved the story line, the history, the mystery, and of course the romance between Gabriel and Serena. She pushes and he pulls. Together they are a great couple, it just takes a bit of time before they realize it. Honestly, everything about this book was great. It was written well, was full of lovable characters, and was captivating.

I can't wait to read more from such a great author. She has certainly become a favorite of mine.

A Devilish Saint - by Patricia Catacalos (Reviewed by Stormi Ellis - Boundless Book Reviews) 5 Stars

I have loved each of the books in this series. This one was no exception. It was a great story from start to finish. Isabella is such a self-conscience person that it makes you connect with her. She has suffered hugh pain in her life, but with Dylan, she finds a love that she never expected to find. The romance in this story was so sweet and sincere. This story was written well. It had romance, family feuds, passion, mystery, and bits of the paranormal. I honestly found this to be my favorite of this series. I loved everything about it.  

The Mystery of Her Patricia Catacalos (Reviewed by Aimee Ann - The Redheaded Book Lover Blog) 5 Stars

The Mystery of Her was a book I was always destined to love thanks to the many thrilling themes it explores. The Mystery of Her, written by the fantastic Patricia Catacalos explores murder, crime, 18thCentury London and Jack the Ripper in her latest novel, The Mystery of Her and let me express now book lovers that this book is just as great as it sounds! The story of The Mystery of Her weaves the themes I listed above flawlessly which ensures that the book is stand out against the historical fiction genre, it is a sensational book that fans of the Jack the Ripper mystery and crime in 18th century London will love. Fans of crime and mystery will also adore this book, so I implore all lovers of this genre to read this piece of historical fiction as you will not regret it!...The story of the Mystery of Her is one that I love for many reasons. Of course, the primary reasons I love this book is thanks to the authors exceptional writing but before I discuss Patricia Catacalos’s talent at writing Historial fiction, I first want to discuss the general premise of the story and how brilliant it is. Mostly ever reader is fascinated by Jack the Ripper as well as how it was in London centuries ago so the fact that Catacalos explores these two themes and weaves a brilliant and incredibly entertaining plot around them make The Mystery of Her a sensational story.  Patricia Catacalos is a very talented author who clearly has a talent for whisking her readers back in time to the past. It is hard to transport any reader, even by a few years but to transport them back centuries is even more difficult; that is why Catacalos is wonderful for transporting her readers flawlessly. Catacalos manages to perfectly transport her reader to the damp, dark and sinister streets of 18th century London. Catacalos will place her reader right in the thick of the hustle and bustle of London so that the reader will be able to perfectly imagine themselves in the situation. As The Mystery of Her is an incredible, captivating and brilliant book I have no choice but to award this sensational book a wonderful five stars! So please, if you are a reader who loves historical fiction and murder mysteries then The Mystery of Her is not to be missed!  

The Bloody Ruse - by Patricia Catacalos (KIndle Book Review - reviewed by Grady Harp)   5 Stars 

One of the several reasons Patricia’s stories work so well is her ability to adapt the manner of speaking, the conversational tone of the time of the novel. Her experience in the theater is evident in the manner in which she paces her tapestry of romance and intrigue. And it is that formal manner of nineteenth century language that transports us in time to experience the story as it is revealed.

The plot is outlined well...This novel works well – and is a reminder of the genre of Poe, Austen, and Browning among others. A refreshing glance back to Victorian tales! Grady Harp, February 19

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