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The Greek Fisherman's Catch          Reviewed By Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite            5 Stars

I love stories that grip my heart and make me care about the characters and The Greek Fisherman's Catch is one of those stories. Taki is a genuinely flawed protagonist, a man with an honest grudge and a strong sense of justice. His pain at the inhumane treatment his mother received is real, but then the one person who is supposed to be a means of achieving his goal becomes an obstacle. The suspense is strong and the unpredictable plot twist makes for an enjoyable read. Patricia Catacalos weaves relevant historical elements into the narrative and speaks in a voice that is clear and captivating. From the beautiful prose, the exciting plot elements, and the gorgeous characters, the author comes across as an expert storyteller. This book is a wonderful romance read.

The Mystery of Her by Patricia Catacalos (reviewed by Stormi Ellis -Boundless Book Reviews) 5 Stars

I have become a big fan of this author. I love history, and each book of hers I have read has been written well, full of history, and downright hard to put down. This story was full of history, had likable characters, and was full of mystery. I loved all the brothers and Kiera was awesome. The story was well told and kept me guessing till the end. I hated putting it down once I started it, so much so that supper ended up not so good.....oops....

This story not only provided a great mystery but a romance as well. As Kiera gets further involved with the detective agency, she finds herself involved with a certain brother as well. This was a great addition to an already excellent story.

All I can say is that I loved this story and with the amazing ending it had, honestly, I can't wait for the next Zane Brothers Mystery.


The Mystery of Her by Patricia Catacalos (Reviewed by Vera (BeeBee) - (Vera's Book Reviews and Stuff Blog)  4 Stars

A historical [Victorian] mystery romance novel with mystery, murder of the wealthy, the White Chapel murders, and a variety of characters, make an entertaining intriguing read. With everyone's avid interest in Jack The Ripper, Catacalos, vividly and skillfully included these "Ripper like murders" as part of her story-line; the Torso Killer and Leather Apron. Set in London of 1888, the setting was perfect for inclusion
Catacalos created truly evil villains in this book; giving me chills as I read of their crimes and intentions. Catacalos writing's vivid and her scenes transition smoothly. I could see the dirty filth and squalor of 1888 White Chapel. I could smell the odors, and see the vivid landscape; as well as, the lowly street boys Evan hired and used for surveillance and information. Prostitution's a way of life for many of the uneducated poor residents. How sad live must have been in this area.  With well-developed characters, vivid writing, pacing in line with length of the book, and a sweet romance, I enjoyed reading The Mystery of Her. With many plot threads to bring together, Catacalos skillfully wove an entertaining book. I must include the fact, Catacalos used the crude language of this time period in the White Chapel scenes. Catalcalos had no need of explicit or graphic sex to sell this story; her writing skill alone carried the book. Nor did she fill the pages with fluff to increase the page count. I found The Mystery Of Her a solid intriguing and entertaining historical romance mystery novel. I would not hesitate to buy this book for my self or a friend.

Love Letters to a Victorian Spy by Patricia Catacalos (Reviewed by Gwyn Plummer) - (Happy Ever After Book Reviews) 1 Cup of Coffee = 4 Stars

One thing I find myself worrying about when reading romantic suspense novels (which are tied for my top favorite, along with historical romances, so imagine my giddiness to learn I was getting two for one in this work) is the suspense overshadowing the romance. It can be a tricky thing to keep the romance front and center while solving what issue is at hand and not ultimately ending up with a suspense with romantic elements instead. And believe me, there is a difference.  I don't want to provide any spoilers here, so I'm afraid my limited explanation of what's going on in the book may be a little frustrating, but it is best for those of you who plan to read it - and you should - for me to hold back. There's a lot of suspense, mystery, and espionage. I enjoyed every bit of it. I figured out one thing, but not the others, which is always welcomed when I read a suspense. The fun is in trying to figure things out. However, I give even more praise to the writer and their skill when I can't. So Kudos to Catacalos for the twists, turns, and surprises. Nicely done!  I think this is a really great story, but one more classified as a thriller with romantic elements, than a romance. Normally, I'd drink a couple of extra cups of coffees (figuratively, that is), but the suspense is strong in this one, so I'm going to not judge to harshly on the thinness of the romance itself.

Rating system: Cups of Coffee (the less the better)

My rating: 1 cup of coffee 

The Mistletoe by Patricia Catacalos (Reviewed by Lilly Charysma - Lilly's Book World)  4 Stars

My second book by Patricia Catacalos has not disappointed me at all. I loved every page and it held me captive between its lines. I was not quite quick to write my review though – kind of lazy...What I mostly liked about the story was how well the characters evolve together...

Same as in her other book, “The Aura Of The Crescent Moon”, we have again a situation of abuse, this time we have a woman abused by her husband. The consequences are way beyond physical pain. The trauma is well presented, but the author has insisted more on the recovery process. I do appreciate when this subject is not treated lightly and I believe the author has done another great job...After two books by this author, I find myself enjoying Patricia Catacalos’ writing and her stories. Even if I liked more “The Aura Of The Crescent Moon”, I did enjoy “The Mistletoe” and I hope You’ll give it a try as well. Enjoy  4 Stars

An Appealing Apparition by Patricia Catacalos (Reviewed by Rachel Hurd - From Ink to Paper) 4 Stars

I had read another book that involved a ghost and human before and loved it, so I was immediately drawn to this book to see how it played out and I was not disappointed. I thought that the story was unique and a fun concept...I thought the characters were likable and that they played off each other well. Well okay the villains weren’t likeable, but I enjoyed their character and thought they were well written villains. I like the humor, the romance, and the small suspense that is played off between the characters. I did wish that Portia had not just assumed she knew what was going on towards the end and caused so much trouble (won’t spoil it for you read for yourself), but I was definitely happy with how the ending turned out. The twist at the end with Portia’s cousin definitely makes me want to read the next one and see who that new person that showed up is...I thought the writing was well done, it was clear, no mistakes, you knew who was saying what and what was going on. There wasn’t a lot of filler that didn’t need to be there. The details were precise and to the point. I was definitely invested in the story and found the romance between Portia and the Spirit (don’t want to give his name away) really fun to read about. I love when people are sarcastic with each other and just have fun together. I really enjoyed this book from start to finish and definitely recommend you check it out! 4 Stars

Her Stolen Life by Patricia Catacalos (Reviewed by Michelle Randall for Readers' Favorite)  4 Stars 

Author Patricia Catacalos weaves a delightful tale of betrayal and fraud within the backdrop of one of the most famous crimes of the century.  Her Stolen Life is historical fiction with a dose of real life thrown in for good measure. Author Patricia Catacalos has developed a twisted and sordid mystery that is fun to read. Alexia is the sweetest character, without a hint of revenge in her body, so her reason for looking for her past is not to make someone pay, but to just know her health background before marriage and children. As a reader, one finds themselves feeling for her and wanting everything to go well. Evan is another easy to relate to character. He is deeply in love with Alexia, and in a time period where affection was not always on display, he is willing and eager to display it. Although both are a touch overly sweet at times, and I found myself wanting one of them to get mad, just once, that didn't detract from my enjoyment of the book.

The Bloody Ruse by Patricia Catacalos (Reviewed by Kindle Book Review )  4 Stars

The Bloody Ruse (1832 Regency) by Patricia Catacalos takes you back to the Victorian age with a classically written mystery imbued with improbable romance. A handsome young man, Simon St. Lawrence is being set up to marry a beautiful young woman, Lady Marisa Denton; an arranged marriage of all things, and both involved are vehemently opposed to the union. However things change as they often do, and the two ultimately and reluctantly fall in love. Add to this story line, and mingled in with these characters are the shenanigans of grave robbers who are selling corpses to the local medical school. The two stories overlap, creating a fun and unusual novel, that reminds one of the long ago age of Poe and his tales of premature burial and mysteries, along with the heady, introspective romance of Jane Austen. Overall an enjoyable read filled with formal language and a solid plot appropriate for the tone and tenor of this book.

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